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About us

The UnifluX Filters brand, conceived in the year 2002, draws its own energy from the know-how produced by the investments that Fexilf Investment and Technology makes in the automotive sector, these energies being oriented towards developing new technologies, research of the filtrating products and of new materials. The quality is always flawless, at least at the level of the standards requested by the machineries, the UnifluX product is according to the requirements regarding the motors of the last generation Euro 4/5, and this due to the innovating position regarding the new technologies, thoroughly promoted and sustained by our staff.

Even though the history of the brand is relatively new, the human resources that take the crucial decisions and supervise the development enjoy a 30 years experience in this field, warranting by the force of tradition and by experience the global solidity of our product.

We hold an extremely dynamic and flexible structure, designed for responding very quickly to the newest requirements that the market flags, the available range covering over 90% of the European circulating park, this is the reason why UnifluX Filters propose itself as the ideal partner in the field of after-market spare parts sector, by offering an optimal quality/price ratio.

The logistic and marketing office for the filtering department has its European Headquarters in Timisoara - Romania, at the S.C. L’Intesa Promotive S.R.L., which has the mission to develop the commercial potential of the brand on the European market.



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